ORAO Partners with TRON

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We are pleased to announce that ORAO is partnering with TRON Network. As shared by TRON today on Accesswire, investing.com and coinquora, our oracle network will integrate with the TRON blockchain to provide a wide variety of general data, expanding the data market for a chain that many oracles are not able to support.

About TRON

Tron is a smart contract compatible blockchain founded in 2017, with blocks being completely confirmed within 15 seconds. As such it is a chain that can take excellent advantage of oracles and external/cross-chain data. Despite this it has so far received only limited support from older oracle networks. As part of ORAO’s drive for interoperability, we will service TRON with cross-chain and external data, as well as make TRON-native data available in other ecosystems. This will not only strengthen TRON, but also increase interoperability for crypto as a whole. With a high percentage of all USDT tokens being based on TRON, this will increase efficiencies and help grow and mature the DeFi space.

To learn more about TRON and their mission to decentralize the web, you can visit their website, read their whitepaper or visit their English Telegram community.

As always, if you would like to learn more about ORAO, you can check out our website, dig into our whitepaper, or join our Telegram channel to speak directly to members of the team and our community.




next-gen network providing general data availability on any blockchain

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ORAO Network

ORAO Network

next-gen network providing general data availability on any blockchain

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