ORAO Partners with Polkalokr on Cross-Chain Markets & Escrow

Today we are proud to announce that ORAO has partnered with Polkalokr, a multi-chain escrow and token swap protocol. Polkalokr share our focus on interoperability, and we believe that together we can improve and grow the wider crypto ecosystem and DeFi to new levels.

Trustless Multi-chain Escrow

Blockchain is valuable in the first place because it removes the need for trust and many middlemen. But scaling up, the difficulties of bridging different blockchains introduce new complexity, for both users and developers. ORAO of course simplifies much of this by offering cross-chain data products, allowing information to flow freely between ecosystems. Polkalokr similarly allows for comprehensive escrow and atomic swap solutions.

Commenting on this partnership, Polkalokr’s CEO, Imran Ashfaq, said:

“This cooperative move will help achieve both our goals using each platforms’ unique features. It will also allow us to explore stronger solutions to combat the existing obstacles of DeFi and establish a smooth pathway for users.”

For our part, we are especially interested in Polkalokr’s advanced escrow services, which we believe will find incredible utility in token locking and distribution programs. Our CEO Nikola Strahija said:

“Polkalokr brings very interesting opportunities for token unlocking and vesting. We are excited to explore the many different usecases that this partnership will enable.”

In an industry where the vast majority of projects are either stillborn, outright scams or simply fail to execute, investors take on very high levels of risk when they invest in young projects. Through Polkalokr, programs can be set up to shield investors against total loss, through staggered token releases, conditional payouts where remaining funds can be returned to investors in cases where developers make no progress, etc. Even with successful projects, Polkalokr’s services can make for smoother distributions.

If you want to learn more about Polkalokr, cross-chain escrow services and atomic swaps, do visit their website, Medium archive and Telegram community.

Similarly, you can learn more about ORAO by checking out our website, digging into our whitepaper, or joining our Telegram channel to speak directly to members of the team and our community.

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