The ORAO network taking in information from the real world and converting it into data streams to be sent out across different networks.
The ORAO network taking in information from the real world and converting it into data streams to be sent out across different networks.

One of the central pillars of ORAO’s oracle platform is the proactive rating system, which judges the trustworthiness of data as it comes in, rather than only looking at past performance. In this article we will give a detailed overview of how this system works, what it relies on, and how it plays out for data providers and buyers in a few situations.

The Basics — Comparing New Data to Past Data

Almost every oracle platform has some kind of reputation system. …

Vesting will resume as planned on the 30th of July. For those who participated in the sales in March, this means you can expect 15% of your tokens to unlock on the 30th, then 15% per month going forward. Your final tokens will unlock five months from now.

Staking Update

Details are being finalized for our staking program. It will use a structure with monthly accruing interest, with APY dependent on the lock up period chosen when staking. The size of your stake will not matter — we do not want to punish smaller holders by giving better returns to whales.


Today marked the start of EthCC, a five days long conference in the capital of France, dedicated to all things blockchain, DeFi and Ethereum. Alongside the main event, which is fully booked, a number of spin off gatherings have cropped up, meaning even with tickets sold out there will be plenty of opportunities for crypto enthusiasts of all backgrounds to meet and mingle.

In previous articles we have done case studies on Decentralized Insurance and Sports Betting. One of the main strengths of ORAO is our use of Predefined Data Protocols. They allow for general data, of course, but they also allow for very flexible financial data products. In this article we will examine their usefulness for automated trading, both on-chain and on centralized exchanges.

Limitations of General Use Price Feeds

If you have ever visited one of the market cap sites like Coingecko or Coinmarketcap, you will be familiar with their structure. They tap into APIs from a great many different exchanges, all of which have very slight…

On the 3rd of May, the day we launched our token contract, someone trying to invest in ORAO sent 19,980 USDT to our contract address. You can see the transaction here on etherscan.

This is not how trading works. There has been no sale since March, and even back then, you could not join the sale just by throwing money at an address. Especially not a contract address. And to top it all off, he sent the money directly from an exchange. …

Previously we shared an article on Decentralized Insurance, and we figured it’s time for another deep dive into one of the many usecases that ORAO is unlocking with the shift to general data. So today we will share our thoughts on betting, as it relates to sports, esports, elections and much more.

The Case for Decentralized Betting

The global sports betting market was estimated to be around $20 billion in 2006, and is now sitting at over $70 billion, and growing rapidly by the year (Though expect a little bit of an exception for 2020 and 2021, because Covid). …

Today we are proud to announce that ORAO has partnered with Polkalokr, a multi-chain escrow and token swap protocol. Polkalokr share our focus on interoperability, and we believe that together we can improve and grow the wider crypto ecosystem and DeFi to new levels.

Trustless Multi-chain Escrow

Blockchain is valuable in the first place because it removes the need for trust and many middlemen. But scaling up, the difficulties of bridging different blockchains introduce new complexity, for both users and developers. ORAO of course simplifies much of this by offering cross-chain data products, allowing information to flow freely between ecosystems. …

Data streams flowing through ORAO into the TRON symbol
Data streams flowing through ORAO into the TRON symbol
Image is © CoinQuora

We are pleased to announce that ORAO is partnering with TRON Network. As shared by TRON today on Accesswire, and coinquora, our oracle network will integrate with the TRON blockchain to provide a wide variety of general data, expanding the data market for a chain that many oracles are not able to support.

About TRON

Tron is a smart contract compatible blockchain founded in 2017, with blocks being completely confirmed within 15 seconds. As such it is a chain that can take excellent advantage of oracles and external/cross-chain data. Despite this it has so far received only limited support from older…

Dear community. We are pleased to announce that in addition to the listing, we will also be listing on Uniswap, at approximately 18:00 UTC on May 3rd. With the upcoming listings, we also wanted to do a deep dive on the tokenomics of ORAO.

The TGE has completed successfully. Our token address is 0xEE1CeA7665bA7aa97e982EdeaeCb26B59a04d035.

A Brief Thank You to our Community

We want to thank everyone who participated in our sales for your support. Our sale on reached the target staking amount 72 times over, and each of you had to settle for buying far fewer tokens than originally estimated. For the team of course…

Today we are pleased to announce our partnership with PolkaFoundry, a one-stop solution for developers creating dApps for decentralized finance and the NFT market on Polkadot. Like ORAO they put a heavy emphasis on interoperability, and so they are a natural partner for our cross-chain oracle network.

Per this partnership, PolkaFoundry will integrate ORAO’s oracles into its one-stop production hub for DeFi dApps building on Polkadot. ORAO’s oracles will provide these dApps with high speed access to cross-chain and external data. …

ORAO Network

Blockchain agnostic Oracle platform native on Polkadot

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